Heavy Metal Monsters

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The biggest, baddest machines tackle the toughest jobs on the planet, in the harshest conditions imaginable ? logging, mining, construction, shattering ice to avert disasters ? nothing is too much for these monsters. This is what happens when epic-scale engineering meets the world?s worst weather. You?ve seen big machines before, but you?ve never seen them pushed to the limit like this. The HEAVY METAL MONSTERS have to tackle storm force winds, high altitudes, low tides and raging floods. Each episode features the stories of two of these fearsome machines, intercut at breakneck speed so the action never stops ? one minute you?re mining a mile high in the Rocky Mountains, next moment you?re chopping colossal trees in Alaska. The visual style is an arresting combination of the epic and the immediate ? crystal clear HD wide shots set the scene in this incredible locations, and in-your-face close-ups from mini-cams and handheld cameras put the viewer right in the middle of the action.

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