Humpbacks: Cracking the Code

Viasat Nature/Crime

Korostus Korostus
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Viasat Nature/Crime Su 16.02.2014 klo 08.00

The Humpback Whale is one of the worlds best loved creatures, yet surprisingly little is known about their behaviour or biology. We follow a team of whale researchers in Hawaii and meet experts around the globe all trying to reveal the secrets of these mysterious animals. We discover how their eerie songs are produced, break down their structure and look at the theories behind their meaning. Stunning underwater photography takes us into the Humpback world to unravel their behaviours and look at how their songs are shared and spread. It is an HD spectacular as we attempt to Crack the Humpback Code.

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Viasat Nature/Crime: Su 16.02.2014 klo 08.00
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