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A self-confessed wimp attempts to transform himself into one of the hardest men on the planet as he takes on some of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the world. Ashley Hames (34, single and slightly useless) is a little boy wrapped in the body of a gangly man. He wants to grow up, the thing is he doesn't know how. So, to make a man of himself, Ashley sets out on a worldwide journey of self discovery, hanging out with the men and women who do some of the most demanding and dangerous jobs in the world, and attempts to become one of them. Each job challenges Ashley mentally, physically and emotionally and he inevitably ends up in some kind of harrowing situation, whether soaked at sea on an Alaskan Crab fishing boat or in danger on the intimidating streets of Bogotá with the Columbian Anti-Narcotics Police Force, where dodging the bullets in the heart of the worlds most notorious drug cartels is just another day in the job.

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