Tiger man of Africa

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Viasat Nature/Crime To 26.12.2013 klo 19.00

There are no tigers in Africa. But what if there were? In an area of South African wilderness known as Tiger Canyons, one man has been hand-rearing some of nature's most ferocious creatures. But, rather than raise the continent's native hunters, wildlife filmmaker and enthusiast John Varty has opted to give Asia's apex predator a helping hand. We follow John Varty on his seemingly impossible dream: to create a new population of wild tigers outside their natural habitat. Starting with two young, zoo-born tigers, Varty now has more than 15 tigers at his Tiger Canyons reserve, and has used ever-present cameras to document two years of their lives. Whether mating, birthing or hunting, Varty shows these magnificent tigers with remarkable, up close and personal detail.

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