Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven

Viasat Nature/Crime

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Wildlife adventurer Nigel Marven travels over 8000km, following grey whales as they undertake the longest mammal migration on Earth, up the Pacific coast of North America. From the warm winter birthing lagoons of Baja California and Mexico, a grey whale mother and her newborn calf must travel northwards to the icy seas of the Alaskan arctic. It's a long, dangerous journey, past some of the world's most breathtaking scenery; both under the water and above the wave. Using sailboats, skiffs, kayaks and scuba gear, Nigel will get up close and personal with these legendary leviathans. Up and down this coastline, Nigel meets characters including fishermen, researchers, fans and festivalgoers; all of whom share his love for these magnificent creatures. He also meets an amazing array of other fascinating animals.

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