White Lions - Born Wild

Viasat Nature/Crime

Korostus Korostus
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In the African bush anything unusual stands out strongly and is often eliminated by eagle-eyed predators. Will the white lion cubs survive? The odds are stacked against them ? 80% of all newborn lion cubs don?t make it to adulthood. The most important advantage they have is character: they are feisty and they fight for what they want ? a very important quality for a lion cub. They?re members of a small family pride, consisting of their protective tawny-coloured mother and her sister, who also has two young tawny male cubs of her own. This series follows this lion family on their journey through the Kruger wilderness as they struggle to survive and avoid danger. The last white lions cubs to be born here two years ago were killed by another lion pride before they reached six months. To keep their pride alive the two lionesses must also teach their cubs how to hunt, showing just how crucially important the parents? skills and characters are in turning their helpless cubs into little hunters.

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