Dive To Tiger Central

Viasat Nature/Crime Ti 24.04.2012 klo 20.00

Korostus Korostus
Over 5 meters long with around 100 razor sharp teeth and a mass of man-eating muscle that can reach over 600 kilos, the tiger shark is one the world's best equipped predators. Preferring to lurk in shallower waters these guys are more likely to get you than the infamous Jaws. They've been nicknamed the ocean's garbage disposal unit; they aren't fussy and will, supposedly, eat anything and everything in their path. For shark expert Mark Addison, free diving with these guys is a dream come true. Now in an incredible summer of exploration, Mark is going to tag tiger sharks of the Aliwal shoal with satellite and acoustic tags. To do it, he will free-dive among them using skill and cutting-edge science. What secrets will this man-eater reveal?
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