The Climate Change Bug

Viasat Nature/Crime To 26.04.2012 klo 09.00

Korostus Korostus
For some time now the question of whether or not climate change is taking place has been more or less settled. The issue that remains largely unanswered is however: how will we cope with climate change and what effect it will have on our flora and fauna. Already there are signs that serious ecological and biological changes are taking place, not only far away in exotic regions of the world, but also right on our own doorstep, here in Europe. This documentary seeks to explain broadly which animals and plants are most likely to spread across Central Europe and shows what we could expect running into in a few years? time. One kind of tick, for example, which originally comes from Africa and causes malaria-like symptoms, is becoming more and more common. And this is not the only ?exotic? species that are increasingly surviving the milder winters and proliferating, confronting us with a slow-going, almost hidden change in European wildlife.