Top Trumps

Viasat Explore Nordic Ma 13.01.2014 klo 14.15

Korostus Korostus
Inspired by the multi-million selling card game, this series sees players entering exciting new worlds. Immersing themselves in the technology and capabilities of fast cars, machines, super-ships, extreme planes, helicopters and engines, the show provides fun and fact filled insights, as the player presenters experience everything first hand, on location. Each episode features a different theme ? from warships, super yachts, fire engines, mammoth machines or fast cars. We see a variety of examples in the form of Top Trump cards, prior to each player selecting a particular model to go and research in the fast lane! They immerse themselves in the machine ? meeting experts, specialists and hands-on play and experiment with the object to its limits! Each player then chooses two top fact categories from speed, endurance, number of crew, manoeuvrability, or versatility. The Top Trumps computer chooses a fifth mystery category ? and then the players reveal their statistics ? whose machine will be the victor!
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