21st Century Warship

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At £1 billion HMS Daring is the Royal Navy?s most costly and complex warship to date. Daring?s stealth shape is dominated by its high-tech radar mounted 36 metres above the sea. The radar is the eyes and ears of a guided missile system that?s a quantum leap forward in naval technology. This documentary follows HMS Daring?s from construction in 2004 through to testing and using the new weapons systems. We see the shipbuilders build a warship the modern way, new skills alongside traditional jobs. We witness Daring?s dramatic launch by the Countess of Wessex, a Royal occasion for the people of the Clyde to match the historic launch days of old. We see first hand how the revolutionary British built radar works and we?re with Daring?s crew of men and women as they test their new ship to the limit. And finally the captain leads his crew into Action Stations in a war game, the reality of life in the navy and the closest thing to real battle.

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