A Model Daughter: The Story Of Caroline Byrne

Viasat Nature/Crime

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On a bleak, moonless winter night in the winter of 1995 beautiful Sydney model Caroline Byrne died, her body embedded head-first into a crevice at the bottom of The Gap at the historic entrance to Sydney Harbour. How did she get out so far, almost 12 metres from the base of the sheer sandstone precipice? Did she jump, as so many had done before at the notorious suicide spot, or had she been thrown in a fit of rage? What begins with the retrieval of a shattered body from the harbour city?s most notorious suicide spots turns into one of the nation?s most extraordinary murder investigations, leading to the dark heart of a city gripped by greed, pandering to its powerful, and exposing a police force whose lack of imagination and resources was surpassed only by the doggedness of its finest officers to right an unforgivable wrong.

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