A Turtle's Guide to the Pacific

Viasat Nature/Crime

Korostus Korostus
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The shores of Mexico on the Eastern Pacific are perfect for loggerhead turtles, but young turtles only feed there before they must return to where they were born to breed. The incredibly long journey is fraught with dangers; such as typhoons, jellyfish pods, fishing nets and sharks. This film tracks one turtle on her epic journey as she meets sperm whales, six foot squid, Manta rays and rare salt-water crocodiles along the way. The turtle also glides over dead coral and bubbling methane deposits - a chilling sight for those worried about a warming ocean. After 9100 miles and just over a year, our turtle reaches the beach in Japan where she was born. She drags herself up and lays her eggs. In forty years time they too will try and find their way back.

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