Asia's Underworld

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This documentary series exposes the shocking underworld of crime in Asia, uncovering the secret operations of some of the most ruthless and hardened criminals in the world. With a real life cast of victims, police and dangerous criminals, Asia?s Underworld confronts the depraved and money-driven minds of those who break the law. Leaving no stone unturned, we go behind the scenes of both sides of the criminal world ? the law makers as well as the law breakers ? through daring interviews and heart stopping stylisations? What happens when Loan Sharks call in their money? How do modern-day pirates operate, and can the police do anything to stop them? What lies beneath Asia?s thriving sex trade? From Filipino assassins to Mongolian pimps to South-East Asian pirates and Taiwanese gambling syndicates, this unique eight part series takes a hard-hitting look at the face of Asian criminality today. Sobering, disturbing and utterly captivating.

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