Beyond the Bermuda Triangle: The Devil?s Sea

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Everyone has heard of the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the Atlantic Ocean where aircraft and boats have disappeared without trace, but few know that the Pacific may be cursed with its own equally lethal phenomenon. For centuries Japanese fishermen have been lost to the waters of ?Manoumi? ? The Devil?s Sea. More recently scores of modern ships and aircraft have inexplicably fallen victim to these unforgiving waters too, some disappearing without trace. Some believe the disasters are due to extra-terrestrial or paranormal forces active above and below the waves. Others are convinced that the cause is a cauldron of raging natural phenomena which strike without warning. This compelling programme follows some of the world?s best shipwreck hunters as they attempt to overcome the odds and solve the mystery of where MV Derbyshire, a ship twice the size of the Titanic, disappeared to in 1980. It also investigates why mighty combat aircraft have vanished from the sky in perfect flying conditions, and why the US Navy can?t confirm the reasons behind the disappearances of more than 20 submarines lost in the area in World War II.

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