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Size does matter. On Big and Small, we size up some of the world?s biggest machines and their smallest counterparts. We go to France to find out what goes into assembling the world's largest jetliner, the Airbus A380. Then, we fly with microjet pilots in the world's smallest jets. We hold a race between a huge Boss Hoss 425 horsepower motorcycle and an 18 inch tall pocket bike. We take the world's smallest production car for a ride and see just how many choir members we can fit into a super-sized limousine. We see a mammoth Caterpillar front loader in action, in an open pit coal mine, and dig up the backyard with a loader that's no bigger than a lawnmower. Finally, we walk inside an enormous diesel engine powering an 80,000 ton container ship and eyeball a tiny one driving a five pound model airplane.

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