Blood and Oil

Viasat Nature/Crime

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Viasat Nature/Crime To 28.02.2013 klo 22.00

From award-winning writer Guy Hibbert comes a tale of murder and corruption in West Africa. After the death of a British oil worker, his wife enlists the help of a young female British-Nigerian PR Exec to find out who killed him and why. Together, the two women must venture into the slums of Port Harcourt and the labyrinthine creeks of the Niger Delta, to discover the truth. Naomie Harris stars as Alice Omuka, a young and talented Pr executive raised and educated in London, the daughter of a wealthy Nigerian businessman. When Alice is sent to raise the profile of an international oil services company operating in the niger Delta, she is thrown unprepared into the unstable, poverty-stricken world where her father grew up. As soon as Alice arrives in Port Harcourt, news breaks that a militant group have kidnapped three Western oil workers. She is tasked with dealing with Claire Unwin (Jodhi May), the distraught wife of one of the hostages, who has unexpectedly turned up desperate to find her husband. What at first appears to be a routine hostage negotiation and handover soon turns into the stuff of nightmares. The shocking reality is far more sinister and complicated ? and Alice and Claire quickly discover they can trust no-one. Determined to find the truth, Claire begs Alice to accompany her into the shanty towns of Port Harcourt and the lawless creeks of the Delta. The two women embark on an intense and frightening journey into an edgy, chaotic place on the brink of civil breakdown and witness things they never imagined possible.

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Viasat Nature/Crime: To 28.02.2013 klo 22.00
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