Boyz n the Hood

Viasat Film Classic

Korostus Korostus
The trials and tribulations of three young African-American males growing up in South Central Los Angeles. When young Tre, a bright underachiever, begins to show signs of trouble, his struggling professional mother sends him to live with his father, a hard-nosed, no-nonsense disciplinarian. There he befriends Ricky, a burgeoning football star, and Doughboy, a would-be gang banger. Over the years, each chooses his own path: Tre seems bound for college; Ricky is all-American athlete looking to win a football scholarship to USC and seeks salvation through sports; Doughboy is a dope dealer and bona fide gangster who drifts in and out of the county juvenile facility. All is well until, without warning, a rival gang chases down Tre and Ricky with tragic results.

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Viasat Film Classic: Pe 02.03.2012 klo 12.30
Viasat Film Classic: To 01.03.2012 klo 21.00
Viasat Film Classic: Ti 07.02.2012 klo 10.00
Viasat Film Classic: Ma 06.02.2012 klo 18.10
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