Buffalo Warrior

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A true-life drama which follows one man?s quest to help safeguard the future of the Cape buffalo. Lindsay Hunt, once a professional big game hunter holds the Cape buffalo in the highest regard and for good reason - they are notoriously unpredictable animals. We document his personal journey first hand from armed hunter, to gentle carer. As the story unravels, his unique and unprecedented interaction with these wild and extremely powerful animals becomes apparent. His ability to approach wild Cape buffalo is a remarkable feat and makes for captivating viewing. But this is not just a hobby the Cape buffalo population in South Africa is facing an uncertain future, having contracted bovine tuberculosis. Hunt takes up the challenge to help preserve the precious gene pool of buffalo, and he uses his unique ability to get close to these daunting creatures to do this. His ability to be accepted by the buffalo helps him to start a breeding program taking wild buffalo and breeding healthy young stock from them. But its not all smooth-sailing. There are strict quarantine procedures that need to be followed at all times and there are steep learning curves for Lindsay and his team. There is very little information available about captive breeding of Cape buffalo. Outbreaks of foot and mouth are a constant risk as buffalo are host to this disease. Some calves are born weak and need special care. Hunts intriguing journey gives a unique insight into buffalo behavior. He develops a very special relationship with Big Cow, a large buffalo cow in his breeding herd and she seeks out his company even entering his house to profit from the air conditioning! But some buffalo don?t care for his interaction and his life is often in danger one swipe of their horns could fatally wound him. Buffalo Warrior was filmed on Hunts buffalo breeding reserve, bordering the Kruger National Park. The wild herds which are shown during the natural history segments of the film were filmed in the Kruger National Park and an additional scene where Hunt leads a wild buffalo herd on a private reserve was filmed on location in KwaZulu Natal and required many long days with Hunt in the dense woods of the area, habituating the buffalo to his presence.

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