Congo: On the Lava Trail

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For all its beauty, it might as well be a sea of gasoline. Calm and blue on its surface, Lake Kivu hides a deadly secret: enough carbon dioxide and methane in its depths to kill all two million people who live in the lake basin. There are just three ?exploding lakes? in the world. Lakes Monoun and Nyos in Cameroon ? and Kivu. In 1986, a landslide at Nyos triggered a deadly ?overturn? which released tons of CO2 into the air and killed over 1700 people in seconds. But Lake Kivu is vastly larger and one estimate suggests it contains 60 billion cubic meters of methane gas. Worse, looming over it is Mount Nyiragongo, the colossal firecracker of a volcano which threatens to blow the whole thing sky-high. Geological opposites ? fire and water. Taken together, they could spell doom for millions of people. Our international team of scientists is on a mission to unlock the hidden secrets of this volcano ? in the hope of predicting and preventing a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. To do this, they?ll get closer to the seething lava lake than any explorers have before.

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