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Shaun Foggett is an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams. Shaun, his wife Lisa and their young family live in a small house in the suburbs of Oxford. Packed into sheds that fill all but a tiny square of their garden, he also has a collection of 23 crocodiles ? the largest in Britain. And that?s just the start? In 2007, Shaun survived a near-fatal blood disease and as he recovered, vowed to pursue his ultimate reptilian dream ? to open the first ever Crocodile Zoo in Britain with each of the 23 species of crocodile in the world. We follow his journey over a period of four months as he gives up his job as a joiner to kick-start his hopes. He needs premises with a zoo licence and ritzy enclosures ? that pull in the public and keep in the crocs. He?s planning on selling his house and moving the whole family in with his brother, to raise funds ? but Shaun needs sponsorship too. We follow the UK?s very own Crocodile Dundee, as he pursues his passion to bring crocs to British shores.

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