Croc Man: The Series

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Viasat Nature/Crime Su 19.06.2016 klo 17.00

Croc man Shaun Foggett wants to open the UK?s first crocodile zoo. For many years this croc enthusiast has been collecting as many species as he can, packing them into sheds in his back garden and making firm friends with the suits at Oxfordshire Council. In December 2010 he transformed an empty industrial unit near Witney into a new home fit for his crocs and got permission from the council to move them in. He?s had to sell his house to fund his project and he and his family have moved in with his brother. It?s a huge commitment for the whole family and they?re all swept up in Shaun?s plans. They?ll have to call on their network of families and friends too, if they?re to make the project work. We follow Shaun as he trawls the world to buy more crocodiles and tries to prove that he?s the right man to open a full blown Croc Zoo. Shaun?s undoubtedly got huge passion, stubborn determination and a winning smile, but will that be enough to turn his passion into his livelihood?

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