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Billy's office doesn't have walls, it's 25 meters up in the air. His day job is hanging on the outside of a helicopter, repairing electrified, live power lines. He's one guy in a team of linemen who everyday risk their lives. They keep the power flowing to homes, factories and hospitals across America. If Billy has a bad day at work he could switch out the lights on whole cities and lose businesses millions. If he has a really bad day at work, he could die. In this series we have gained access to some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. We fly with the Red Arrows as they experience 7 times the normal G-force, piloting their fighter jets at 640 km/h. We climb 60 metres trees with loggers in the Pacific Northwest. We swim with commercial divers who experience the crushing pressure of deep waters. We build wind towers with steel workers who connect huge metal structures hundreds of feet up. Finally we go into the bush in South Africa to meet the guys who capture the world's most dangerous wild animals.

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