Deadliest Crash

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On 11th June 1955, the world of playboy racers and their exotic cars exploded in a devastating fireball. On the home straight early in the Le Mans 24-Hour race, future World Champion Mike Hawthorn made a mistake and pulled the trigger to a massacre. French driver Pierre Levegh?s Mercedes 300 SLR smashed into the crowd, killing 83 people, and injuring 120 more. The story was quickly engulfed by conspiracy theory, blame and scandal. But from the horror, one man emerged with great credit. John Fitch, a leading American driver with Mercedes, was due to take over the wheel of the fated car. His inventions, born out of this disaster, have gone on to save thousands of drivers and spectators. Using extensive archive and new footage, this documentary examines the second-by-second chain of events to discover exactly what happened at Le Mans, why so many people died and what technology was responsible. The programme includes interviews with eye witnesses and survivors, a major interview with John Fitch, access to Fitch?s personal archive, and exclusive colour cine footage and colour photos of the disaster from two separate angles.

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