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The Equator, a.k.a latitude zero, is the line that splits the world. But it?s far more than just a line on a map that divides the hemispheres; the Equator is a line of life and a powerful force of nature. The Equator is a species factory. Equatorial animals live constantly in warm, humid surroundings. Life is good; they can breed all year round. The downside of living in a tropical ?paradise? is that you must share it with more than half of all the species on earth? that means many more creatures to eat you and compete with you. At the Equator animals and plants grow faster, bigger and more bizarrely than anywhere else. Equator explores how and why this happens. The Equator is also our birthplace. Just as we evolved under the glare of the Equatorial sun on the East African savannah, so it is no accident that many ?hot spots? of biological significance occur on the Equator, each with it?s own host of remarkable animals ? among them the mighty Amazon, the high Andes, the rainforests of Borneo and the Galapagos Islands where major chapters of the story of evolution were written. The Equatorial sun is the most powerful source of energy on earth. As it beats down on the ocean, it sends vast columns of moist air rising skywards like a bonfire. Rising air on such a scale generates the trade winds and great ocean currents that energise life on distant parts of the globe. Equator is an epic HDTV production. It?s a 25,000-mile odyssey chasing the sun across this unique and powerful ?hot zone? that is a force of nature.

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