Extreme Frontiers [1]

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He has taken the epic round the world motorcycle journey with actor Ewan McGregor in the Long Way Round, and now Charley Boorman, accompanied by producer/director Russ Malkin, launches his latest adventure - a new and exciting adventure expedition that really gets under the skin of an entire country. We follow Charley's epic 16,500 km journey across Canada, the world's second largest country. Travelling principally on motorbikes, the series sees Charley and Russ traversing each of the 10 Canadian provinces, two frontiers, three oceans and four extreme frontiers from East to West revealing a unique insight into this beautiful country. Never before has Charley had the opportunity to deeply explore one country. Each episode sees them embark on a series of dangerous, frightening, inspiring and hilarious tasks from canoeing to rodeo, heli-mountain biking to ice hockey. We also see Charley braving the impressive 8000 m peak Mount Fable in Alberta and overcoming his claustrophobia whilst wreck diving in Lake Huron. Every challenge reveals the breath-taking wilderness of Canada, its people and its diverse culture. It sees the team delve into its rich history whilst being pushed to the limit in a series of often tough challenges.

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