Fallen Angel

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Viasat Nature/Crime Ma 23.04.2012 klo 21.00

Witness a deadly fall from grace in Fallen Angel, an epic trilogy that delves into the dark and twisted mind of a female serial killer. Part family saga, part crime drama, we see the story of the brilliantly cunning and manipulative Rosie 'Angel' Byfield, told in reverse. The layers are slowly peeled back to expose the making of a murderess; like an archaeological dig, working backwards in time to expose the events that lead to the corruption of a mind and the creation of a monster. Starring Charles Dance (Bleak House, Foyle?s War) and Emilia Fox (Silent Witness, The Pianist) Fallen Angel is based on the internationally acclaimed trilogy of crime novels Requiem for an Angel by Andrew Taylor. This is the story of the making of a murderer: Fox stars as Rosemary, the beautiful, disturbed daughter of an English vicar (Dance). Part family saga, part crime drama and thriller, it is overall ?an investigation without policemen?. In the first film, set in contemporary London, we meet Wendy, whose granddaughter Lucy is abducted by a sinister woman known only as ?Angel?. Having shown the full horror and evil Angel is capable of, our trilogy then rewinds back in time to see Angel?s past, growing up in the idyllic English countryside - set in 1991 and 1979 when Wendy knew her as a teenager and then as a toddler. We ultimately discover that Wendy is motivated by guilt ? having covered up Angel?s first terrible murder, many years before. Fallen Angel reinvents the crime genre, by revealing a murderer and then rewinding back through her life to show us how and when she became so twisted.

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Viasat Nature/Crime: Ma 23.04.2012 klo 21.00
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