For the Love of Elephants

Viasat Nature/Crime

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Viasat Nature/Crime Su 15.05.2016 klo 07.00

Viewers venture inside the emotional world of young, orphaned African elephant calves and their compassionate keepers. Never far from their charge are the centre?s founder, Dame Daphne Sheldrick, and her daughter Angela, who manages the Sheldrick Trust. Through hard work, love and dedication, this expert team create a unique human-elephant family, and nurture the orphaned elephants back to health. The adorable elephant orphan named Sities survives the first days of recovery after arriving at the Trust, having lost her mother to poachers. Young elephants like her must overcome dehydration, disease and social trauma and alienation. It is hard work for the keepers, helping the elephants overcome their problems and re-introducing them to the wild, but the spirit and minds of these animals makes it a job with many rewards.

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