Going Long, Going Hard

Viasat Explore Nordic

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Viasat Explore Nordic Ke 11.03.2015 klo 22.00

Follow the athletes and organisers of Epic Camp 2010 as they attempt to swim, cycle and run the entire length of New Zealand through some of the most stunning and challenging terrain in the world. Using high definition XD cameras and newly developed high definition ?athlete cams?, the production team will be able to follow all the action ? in the campsite, on the bike, in water and on the road. The cameras will be there when the first athletes arrive, bleary-eyed, in the early hours of the morning at Auckland airport; as they ride through some of the world?s most stunning scenery; and when they finally arrive, 14 days and 2200km later, in Bluff. And they?ll also be in the middle of the action on the day as an athlete comes off his bike in a spectacular crash? the day the van with all the food in it breaks down 150kms from the overnight stop? the late night heart-to-hearts? the moments of camaraderie as a group of strangers become close friends, tied together in an enterprise that will set them apart forever.

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Viasat Explore Nordic: Ke 11.03.2015 klo 22.00
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