Inside: America's Toughest High School

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On the edge of Central City district of New Orleans, just blocks off a grand old tree-lined avenue sits Walter L. Cohen high school. Central City currently boasts the highest homicide rate of any other district within New Orleans which itself was on track to rank number 1 in 2007?s list of cities with the highest per capita murder rate. On 9 January 2008, with the end of second quarter and final exams looming, 16-year-old Gervais ?Gee? Nicholas was shot and killed by another Cohen student, 17-year-old Joe Morgan. It was one of seven murders that night. It barely received two lines of coverage buried somewhere in the Times-Picayune newspaper. The event did not go unnoticed at school the following week. Nearly half the student body was absent for fear of retaliation. This is the terrifying story of nine children who live everyday with fear of death simply from going to school. We look at them through pregnancies to proms and knives to guns, - this is America?s Toughest High School.

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