Inside: LA Gang Wars

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Viasat Explore Nordic La 02.06.2012 klo 21.20

Inside: LA Gang Wars is an honest, first-person account of the lives of young gang members caught up in a gang war in Los Angeles. Unlike other documentaries that rely on gang histories and experts, this insightful documentary focuses on active gang members who are trying to survive in the underbelly of LA. Our story follows two teen members and two gang elders who document their own lives with home video diaries. By handing the cameras over to the gang members themselves, we have gained unprecedented access into an underground world. Along the way, viewers meet Father Stan Bosch, a priest who has devoted his life to saving these kids from self-destruction. We witness the death of two brothers involved in the war, and watch as one of our teenage gang bangers miraculously escapes gang life.

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Viasat Explore Nordic: La 02.06.2012 klo 21.20
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