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A successful architect, Vincent Eastman, has to choose between his indifferent, beautiful, aristocratic wife, Sally, and his free-spirited lover, Olivia. Although it seems that Vincent has made a decision to leave Sally for Olivia, he remains emotionally torn, especially when he wonders how a divorce might affect his 12-year-old daughter, Meaghan, to whom he is very close. If Vincent doesn't make a decision soon, he might find himself at a crossroads where he will be forced to make a choice and suffer the cataclysmic consequences.

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Viasat Film Action: To 05.02.2015 klo 23.00
Viasat Film Action: To 29.05.2014 klo 21.00
Viasat Film Action: Ma 19.05.2014 klo 23.00
Viasat Film Action: Ma 28.04.2014 klo 21.10
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