Ireland to Sydney: By any Means

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Travelling from Wicklow, Ireland, to Sydney, Australia, this thrilling series features Charley Boorman completing the journey using 112 modes of transport and only travelling by plane when absolutely necessary. After Long Way Round and Long Way Down, in which Boorman went on epic journeys with Ewan McGregor, Charley now returns for his most daring journey. Covering three continents, 25 countries and over 20,000 miles from Ireland to Australia, the crew comprised only Boorman, Malkin and a cameraman, Paul "Mungo" Mungeam. He gets off his bike and on to local means of transport, avoiding commercial airlines wherever possible to travel over land and sea on more than 100 different modes of transport, including container ships, dug-out canoes, solar cars and an elephant.

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