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Nigel Marven?s on the hunt for the world?s largest jaguars in South America. Travelling deep into the heart of the Pantanal, a wetland the size of Britain, Nigel comes face to face with these magnificent cats and chases down scientists who are rushing to save them on Brazil?s burgeoning cattle ranches. Nigel?s time is short, he?s just four weeks in the world?s biggest wetland to find his jaguars and as many of the amazing weird swamp creatures that he can. He hopes he?s timed his trip just right to coincide with the end of the dry season, ahead of the forthcoming rains. The animals should now be concentrated around the drying pools, making wildlife spotting a great deal more realistic. As the waters recede Nigel finds a host of characters at the most trying time of their lives. Patrolling the banks of one of the remaining rivers, the Cuiaba, Nigel and a crack team of jaguar spotters spend days searching for their quarry. He camps beside the river putting in long nights as well as days to find a cat known to be illusive. His diligence pays off with some of the most amazing jaguar encounters ever filmed. Many crews leave the Pantanal without filming a whisker but Nigel manages to follow one cat all afternoon!

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