Jimmy Doherty in Darwin's Garden

Viasat Nature/Crime

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Viasat Nature/Crime Su 11.09.2016 klo 17.15

In 1836, Charles Darwin returned from his five year expedition aboard The Beagle with some revolutionary ideas about the diversity of the world?s flora and fauna. However, before he could begin work on one of the most influential scientific publications of all time ?On the Origin of Species?, Darwin needed to expand his early hunches into a fully formed theory of evolution through a series of ingenious and astonishing experiments. Jimmy Doherty, farmer and entomologist, follows Darwin?s intellectual journey, recreating ground breaking experiments on in-breeding in plants, natural selection, and some quirky tests involving earthworms and music. Filmed in the gardens and greenhouses of Darwin?s home, this series rediscovers the science underpinning evolution.

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