Jonathan Creek: The Grinning Man

Viasat Nature/Crime

Korostus Korostus
On Midsummer's Day 1938, a famous Harvard geneticist accepts a challenge to spend the night inside a gloomy old attic room where the ghost of a madman is said to prey upon human flesh. The next morning, he has impossibly vanished; the only clue to his disappearance being a trail of grisly ectoplasm on the bed. Seventy years on, when two young women take shelter there one night from a raging thunderstorm, it's not long before the ominous 'presence' claims another victim. Determined to get to the truth about what has happened to her friend, the fearlessly sceptical Joey Ross finds herself working alongside veteran lateral thinker Jonathan Creek, as together they try to solve the riddle. As further unexplained mysteries begin to take place around the house, their investigation deepens. Can Jonathan once again render the impossible, possible? And will he - this time - be eclipsed by the sheer, raw intuition of his young counterpart?

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Viasat Nature/Crime: Su 07.07.2013 klo 23.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: La 15.06.2013 klo 23.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: Pe 10.05.2013 klo 22.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: Ma 12.11.2012 klo 22.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: La 28.07.2012 klo 21.00
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