Jump Britain

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Free Running, or Parkour, involves literally leaping from roof to roof in a death-defying, yet beautiful, series of jumps, slides and somersaults. It is a discipline combining an extraordinary athleticism and lack of fear - created by Sebastien Foucan and his friends - that has spread across the world. For Jump Britain, Foucan and his team are joined by members of the burgeoning UK Parkour scene as they tackle some of the UK?s most iconic sites including Edinburgh Castle and the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland.

Edelliset esitykset:
Viasat Explore Nordic: Su 11.11.2012 klo 09.00
Viasat Explore Nordic: Su 04.11.2012 klo 19.40
Viasat Explore Nordic: Su 04.11.2012 klo 00.00
Viasat Explore Nordic: La 03.11.2012 klo 16.40
Viasat Explore Nordic: Pe 02.11.2012 klo 13.55
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