Life On Mars

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Viasat Nature/Crime La 05.10.2013 klo 23.55

The time-travelling cop show returns for a second series. Since DCI Sam Tyler awoke, dazed from a car accident, things have felt a little off kilter. About 33 years off kilter. No rational explanation is forthcoming. He's dreaming. He's in a coma. Maybe he's lost just a few of his marbles. A passionate, meticulous, modern policeman, Sam still conflicts with his chain-smoking, bigoted, and dangerously dodgy colleagues at every turn. And none more so than his Guv, DCI Gene Hunt. But Sam continues to strive to use his knowledge and the techniques of the future to solve crimes as he would do in the present. As he does so each case offers some key to the mystery of Sam's life. Gradually the messages appear to be linking up to form a meaning. However the meaning is something that chills Sam to the core, he now has to consider whether the retro life he assumes has any real foundations. If so, how on earth is Sam Tyler going to get back home... And where, and when would that home be?

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Viasat Nature/Crime: La 05.10.2013 klo 23.55
Viasat Nature/Crime: La 05.10.2013 klo 23.00
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Viasat Nature/Crime: La 28.09.2013 klo 23.00
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