Malawi and the Lake of Stars

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The very year of 1859, when Charles Darwin presented his theory of evolution to general public, David Livingstone in south-eastern Africa reached a yet undiscovered inland sea of freshwater, 579 kilometers long, 75 kilometers wide and more than 700 meters deep. The natives in their language called these third largest waters of Africa, ?Nyassa? ? simply ?The Lake?. As the waves reflected the last rays of the evening sun forming thousands of iridescent lights Livingstone is alleged to have called out ?A lake of stars!? He didn?t know that to this day his description lives on in the name ?Lake Malawi?, as it is called today. A glance beneath the waves reveals a stunning sight and a unique wonder of nature: The ?stars? of Lake Malawi are alive! Colourful and brightly iridescent fish, so called ?mouth breeding Cichlids?, inhabit the crystal clear waters. Through millions of years they have evolved from a single species of river dwelling fish to more than 880 different but closely related species which are endemic to Lake Malawi. Unfortunately Charles Darwin never got the chance to see this stunning example of evolution. He surely would have been very pleased.

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