Mallorca Untamed

Viasat Nature/Crime

Korostus Korostus
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Viasat Nature/Crime La 22.12.2012 klo 07.00

Home to spectacular sunrises, tempestuous coastlines and misty mountains Mallorca is a haven for tourists seduced by its warm climate. Yet this Balearic island offers much more than just a tan. Its varied landscape makes it a unique and diverse place to visit. Wildlife hides in every corner: the black vulture, loggerhead turtles, water buffalo, the cat-like genet and groups of dolphins have all made Mallorca their home. But there?s a dark side to this island paradise. A frenzy of demolition and building work brought about by the demands of tourism threatens its natural habitat. But maybe it?s not too late. Many Mallorcans are realising nature is an asset that must not be sacrificed and conservationists are working hard to retain the island?s array of wildlife, flora and fauna. In doing so they are attracting a new breed of tourist, one that seeks wildlife and traditional culture and one that will help Mallorca remain truly untamed.

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