Martin Clunes: Man To Manta - In Search Of The Giant Ray

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For many years, award-winning actor Martin Clunes has escaped the world of fame by diving in the Maldives. As a qualified diver he has become addicted to the silent universe of the sea; with its vivid colours and its alien inhabitants. But one resident has so far eluded him ? the reef manta. Now, Martin will come closer to these gentle giants than he had ever imagined possible; moved by their trust and intrigued by the many mysteries which still surround their lives. Already a qualified diver, Martin?s fascination for the underwater world has been fuelled by family holidays to the Maldives. Like many divers his quest has been to see a giant manta ray, one of the most iconic species on the planet. In Man to Mantas, Martin sets off to realise his dream. The first port of call is the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean which was once the favourite haunt of manta rays but now sightings are extremely rare. It has now dubbed ?stingray city? and Martin?s introduction to the exotic underwater world comes when he gets to kiss a stingray. Stingrays can be lethal, but here in this tourist spot they have become used to human contact.

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