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Viasat Nature/Crime Su 13.09.2015 klo 21.00

When someone goes missing, lives are irrevocably changed. Those left behind are plunged into a sense of limbo, not knowing why their loved one has left or if they are still alive. Critically acclaimed drama Missing is set in a busy but under-resourced Missing Persons Unit in Dover, run by DS Mary Jane Croft. Mary harbours a dark personal secret - a missing sister of her own. As Mary and her team work to solve live cases, Mary continues her quest to find out what happened to her sibling.

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Viasat Nature/Crime: Su 13.09.2015 klo 21.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: Su 06.09.2015 klo 21.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: Su 30.08.2015 klo 21.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: Su 23.08.2015 klo 21.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: Su 16.08.2015 klo 21.00
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