Nature's Unique Angles - The Owl Kingdom in Norway

Viasat Nature/Crime

Korostus Korostus
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Viasat Nature/Crime Ke 01.02.2012 klo 11.00

The daytime-hunting hawk owl. The "phantom" eagle owl, the largest owl in the world. The yelloweyed boreal owl. The white-winged snowy owl. The short-eared owl coursing low over grasslands and marshes. These intriguing owls are found in the little-known owl kingdom of the arctic forests of Norway. Tadashi Shimada focuses his lens on the breath-taking moments of hawk owl capturing its prey, a young hawk owl leaving its nest, an elusive eagle owl tending to its young, and then a white-tailed sea eagle suddenly attacking a fledgling eagle owl. This is the drama of nature in the arctic region. Shimada exquisitely captures these vivid moments of life and survival on film.

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Viasat Nature/Crime: Ke 01.02.2012 klo 11.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: Ke 01.02.2012 klo 07.00
Viasat Nature/Crime: Ti 31.01.2012 klo 16.00
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