Oceans of Contrast

Viasat Nature/Crime

Korostus Korostus
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The southern part of the African Continent is a dramatic landscape with two different currents, the cold Benguela on the west and south and the warm Agulhas on the east. These contrasting oceans create one of the most diverse marine environments on Earth. The cold and rich marine realm of the west creates a lush and abundant landscape in the oceans, but an unforgiving dry world on land. Seals, African penguin, Cape gannets and the Southern Right whales find refuge here to breed. On the east, warm current flows south from the Mozambique Channel. The sea is a semitropical paradise with coral reefs, tiger sharks, turtles and brightly coloured fish, and on land there are rivers and semitropical forests with mangroves. Unique underwater and aerial cinematography will creates a tribute to the marine heritage of southern Africa.

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