Plunkett and MacLeane

Viasat Film Action

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Plunkett is a criminal who has turned to robbery to pay his bills, while Macleane was a minor member of the aristocracy who has resorted to similar means to support himself. The two meet while serving time in prison, and set out together for a career in crime when they get out. They soon discover they make a good team. When Macleane manages to wrangle an invitation to a night of gambling at the estate of Lord Rochester (Alan Cumming), he uses the occasion to his advantage, making the acquaintance of the lovely Rebecca (Liv Tyler) and donning a mask to relieve her of her winnings on the way home. But Rebecca's uncle, Lord Chief Justice Gibson is not amused, and when an especially ruthless lawman is sent on their trail, Plunkett is eager to quit while he's ahead and flee the country. Macleane, however, is too busy wooing Rebecca.

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