Power of Play

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In the high-stakes game of life, why do so many animals spend so much time at play? What does frolicking have to do with surviving? The Power of Play sheds new light on this most joyous, yet essential behavior. A nearly universal activity among mammals, play is more than just fun - it is serious business. Wolves and dogs develop hunting and fighting skills by wrestling; elk, moose, and deer learn to escape predators by playfully chasing; and children learn to interact and trust through play. Poignant stories illustrate the tremendous power of play. At a zoo, one polar bear refuses to interact with other bears, threatening her ability to breed. It takes another persistent and playful polar bear to change her mind. At an aquarium, camouflaged humans play with orphaned sea otters , providing them with developmental skills critical to their survival. The Power of Play also answers questions such as why and how play evolved, why some animals remain playful as they age, and what happens when play is absent. This special proves that life is a game that must be played

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