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MTV Pe 15.06.2018 klo 15.00

Punk'd is a hidden camera show based on Candid Camera but with the twist being that all the victims are celebrities. Each episode of Punk'd brings us celebrities who have fallen victim to Ashton Kutcher and his crew.

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MTV: Pe 15.06.2018 klo 15.00
MTV: Pe 15.06.2018 klo 15.25
MTV: Pe 15.06.2018 klo 16.00
MTV: Pe 15.06.2018 klo 16.30
MTV: Pe 15.06.2018 klo 17.00
MTV: Pe 15.06.2018 klo 17.30

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MTV: Pe 20.04.2018 klo 17.05
MTV: Pe 20.04.2018 klo 16.35
MTV: Pe 20.04.2018 klo 16.10
MTV: Pe 20.04.2018 klo 15.40
MTV: Pe 20.04.2018 klo 15.10
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