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Viasat Nature/Crime Ma 22.06.2015 klo 09.25

A cute puppy can be the perfect family addition. What's not to love? Her fluffy fur and soul-stirring eyes are just too cute. Five months later, the honeymoon is over... way over, and the novelty of the new puppy has worn off. In her place is a hairy little monster that bites, pees everywhere, and chews on all the furniture, creating tension within the family. A once harmonious home is now in domestic meltdown! It's time to bring in Brad Pattison, a dog behaviourist and life coach, who is widely known for his tough love techniques and crazy antics. He?s the consummate dog lover and ultimate trainer?firm but gentle. In this fast-paced series, monster mutts are transformed into darling dogs, all while restoring peace within the family.

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Viasat Nature/Crime: Ma 22.06.2015 klo 09.25
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