River Without Frontiers

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Not long ago, the Morava river was part of the great divide between eastern and western Europe, flowing along the Iron Curtain and marking the borders of three countries. Today, it runs right through the heart of Central Europe. Its wild wetlands are now borderless, part of the green corridor that runs from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Its course is ancient, its bed much older than the Alps. When in spate, its backwaters, swamps and wooded floodplains could be taken for Amazonia or the Orinoco, but the Morava river reaches the Danube just 50 kilometres downstream from Vienna. The Morava?s riverine wilderness is a wildlife sanctuary for greylag geese, herons, storks, red deer and wild boar, the imperial eagle and a rich array of waterfowl. It?s a stepping stone for east-west migrations of many land animals and a stop-over for numerous birds on their annual migrations from northern Europe to Africa and back ? a turntable between nations, climates and continents.

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