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Building on the multi award-winning ?Serious..? series, a further eight young people, aged 12-15, take on the challenge of surviving in the extreme environment of the Andes in Ecuador and also partake in a project to help save the highly endangered Spectacled Bear. The adventurers live rough in the remote Yanahurco Reserve at 13,000ft (4,000m) while they build a pre-release enclosure for the captive bears. They then help to bring two bears to the enclosure and later release them to the wild. The Spectacled Bear, so called because of the distinctive white markings around the eyes, is actually the only bear in South America, and is teetering on the brink of extinction due to destruction of its habitat: cloud forests which are being cut down for grazing land. It was the inspiration for children?s favourite Paddington Bear. Including an extra footage episode entitled Serious Andes Extra.

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