Snowflake: A Gorilla's Story

Viasat Film Family

Korostus Korostus
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Viasat Film Family Ti 10.03.2015 klo 09.00

The heart-warming life story of Snowflake, the unforgettable albino gorilla who won the love of millions and increased our understanding of gorilla behaviour. In 1964, a star was born deep in the jungle of western Africa. If Snowflake had stayed in the jungle he would have lived in an extended family foraging on the floors of the equatorial forests. But he was no ordinary gorilla; he was white, an almost impossibly rare albino. Even as a young animal he was respected, even worshipped, by the local people who still remember him. Almost 40 years ago, the orphaned gorilla was taken to Barcelona Zoo, where he spent the rest of his life, fathering 22 children and increasing our knowledge of the social and psychological needs of gorillas. This fascinating film tells his story and reveals how his life in Spain led to greta leaps in our understanding of gorillas. Winner of Best Human Wildlife Interaction Award - Best Of Category Awards - 29th International Wildlife and Film Festival, Missoula, Montana - March 2006

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Viasat Film Family: Ti 10.03.2015 klo 09.00
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